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2018 Summer Holiday: One Day EQ Programs

January 22, 2018 @ 9:30 am - January 25, 2018 @ 3:30 pm


Monday 22/01/18: Life transition program (in English):

Success and happiness do not come just in one day. In fact, no one is born successful unless he transformed himself from a curious toddler into a wise man. It is a transition progress taking him many years.

What are the transitions?

Please join this program to discover the map and paths towards your happy adulthood and your successes in life:

  • What are the characters transitions in your primary school years?
  • What characters do you need to learn and progress in your high school years?
  • What about university?
  • And the career paths?


Tuesday 23/01/18:  True Leadership Challenges (In English)

True leadership is never about leading others.  In fact, a true leader doesn’t lead others. She inspires others.

Would you like to be a true leader? Come to join us. It is a fun and most rewarding program for you.

  • What characters do a leader hold?
  • How about leadership skills?
  • Why it is very easy to be a leader if we can handle the secrets?



Wednesday 24/01/18: When do you want to learn about Money? (in English)

It is common that we all want to be rich! Then, an interesting question for you to think about: when do you start learning about money and how to be rich?

Most parents would not be able to teach the correct concepts about money, because, unfortunately, many people can’t handle money properly themselves.

In this program:

  • What are the force behind money?
  • What are your inner gold, or the mother of your money?
  • Why some money can buy you happiness and other money can’t?
  • When you know about this finance intelligence, you will discover your wealth! Don’t miss this program if you want to have some money.


Thursday 25/01/18: Relationship psychology (in English)

To most people, the biggest pain or the biggest happiness is from within the family: the quality of the relationship. We can call this relationship either “love” or “hate”!

Are there any relationships that were born with love? No. the fact is, all relationships need to be nurtured.

So, when and where do you want your child to learn:

  • How to discover if you have found the right person to be your close friend?
  • What to do to nurture a relationship?
  • Should your child learn from you about relationships?
  • What is true love?
  • What make marriage work? What make a family work?

Well, your teenagers must learn these before they start finding a friend. This is the wisest advice to you.



The above programs are suitable to teenagers and adults.

Fee: $165 per person per day

Address: Blackburn Scout Hall, 34 Pakenham Street, Blackburn 3130

Time: 9:30am 3:30pm

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January 22, 2018 @ 9:30 am
January 25, 2018 @ 3:30 pm


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Blackburn Scout Hall
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Blackburn, VIC 3130 Australia
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