About Us

Just like you, we have the same passions about bringing up wonderful, successful, confident and happy new generations.

The purpose of childhood is for children to get ready for their adulthood. As parents, we often wonder:

  • Is my child learning excellent people skills?
  • Is he learning all the successful characters for the future?
  • How are they doing in school? What are the effective ways to ask them about school so that they don’t just say “Fine”, “Nothing”, “I can’t remember” or “I don’t know”?
  • How do I help my children deal with the electronic toxins? Children Watching too much TV or addicting to electronic games is one of the biggest headaches for today’s parents.
  • Would my child become a strange and rebellious teenager? Or would she become a responsible leader of her own life?
  • How can I predict what kind of adult life my children will have? How do I guide them to pursue a fulfilling life?

In 2006, we took a big step to create this future leaders’ training school. We have put in lots of resources and dedications, and we have taken up a lot more challenges, but the rewards are great too:

  • more than 120 parenting seminars
  • 800+ families have attended our seminars or programs
  • 1200+ accumulated enrollments and growing……
  • three different levels of Emotional Intelligence school holiday programs
  • three different mentoring squads.
  • more than 80% kids would give up TV and electronic games after the first EQ program
  • Helped nurturing many wonderful young leaders and high achievers
  • rescued some families out of crisis and some children out of troubles and helped them to rediscover a happier or normal life.
  • many many many “Thank you” and appreciations and acknowledgements from the families and our community
  • We are happy too.

At XiaoPing School, we help many parents and families to learn and to practise the modern EQ parenting techniques, therefore the parents themselves become not only a caring parent but also a wise mentor to nurture and to guide the children to pursue their future success (see our Parenting Seminars).

We also help children to enhance their chances and likelihood to become top achievers by guiding them to learn and to discover the sciences of human behaviours such as Emotional Intelligence, and the sciences of success such as the Law of Equal Values Exchange and the Law of Manifestation. Many children have gained the mindset for success and the abilities for happiness through our Kids EQ Programs and especially in our most effective Youth Squad Mentoring Programs (invitation-only) which is designed to train children to become happy top achievers. It’s a life changing exercise.