Xiaoping School’s EQ Program is really fun and effective – Student A.L. (12 Year Old) (29/12/2015)

I would recommend you to send your son to the holiday EQ program. Patrick will be there to help your son to get rid of the messy habits. The 5 day EQ program is really fun which will help your son understand how fun the world outside actually is. Before I met Patrick, I was like your son. Playing games for hours and not doing homework. It does cause a lot of arguments, which indeed is annoying not only for you, but also for your son. Now, I do all my homework smoothly and only have 30 minutes of entertainment time like TV, video games and other things. You might think it is a miracle or something like that but it really is true. Once this is solved, you will finally be able to get on with life. I would strongly recommend your son and you to go to the holiday EQ program that will be held next month. It will be life changing!