Job Opportunities

Currently, we are offering the following positions for you to join us.


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Class Helpers/Trainees

The helper/Trainee Program includes:

1)      Helping classes and helping children. 

2)      Providing assistance to teachers and to the school’s administration or supports when required. 

3)      Learning how to work in a team. You will find your work enjoyable.

The benefits of the program:

1)      You will learn about how to work in a challenging environment.

2)      You will have the first hand experience in an organisation.

3)      You will get paid by a wage.

4)      You will get a mentor to guide you about your work, if you wish.

5)      You will be among the best teachers and learn from them.


If you are interested in this position, please send your CV together with your covering letter to

We will consider each application case by case.