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Children’s School Holiday EQ program (Five days)

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These programs help children to become top achievers by discovering the sciences of human behaviors and the science of emotional intelligence.

·         How to nurture  self-confidence and to obtain life driving forces

·         Don’t get addicted to Electronic games after the EQ programs

·         What is the Law of Equal Values Exchange in Happiness

·         What are the four happiness that children must learn

·         What is the Law of Manifestation

·         How to learn relationship intelligence in teenage years

·         How to make friends and influence parents and people around you

·         How to use the Magic Study method to get a great VCE or a Scholarship or a great result in school?

·         What are tough loves? What are caring loves?

·         What four poisonous traps to avoid in our life?

·         How to use the Internet correctly in today’s electronic age?

·         What are the foundation characters for future financial successes in your careers or business?


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Children Emotional Intelligence Training Holiday Programs
EQ假期成功班–给孩子安装一个成功者的头脑 [英文授课]

Program Contents内容:

  • 如何应用成才的2大定律,如何在21岁之前让自己的性格修炼成为精英人物的水平和能量,如何欢迎竞争和成功,如何自律。
  • 成功和开心的科学定律入门,和父母一同欢迎竞争和成功,在家里建立和应用自律和勤奋的环境,焕发自己的自信和热情。

The foundation programs will focus on installation of high achiever’s mindset for future success and happiness.

  • Getting onto the fast train to your success:
  • Do you have a burning desire?
  • Habits and you
  • Build your own rewarding and punishing system
  • How to discipline
  • Human brain and human psychology in success building
  • How does the science of human behaviors create a top achiever?
  • What are the top 9 bad things to avoid and top 6 best things to do for your success?
  • What are the family influences on you and how can you turn them to a good one?
  • The importance of connections between your brain and muscle
  • Why do most people have the fear of success?
  • PB Challenges: Top performers and top achievers
  • Taking on conflicts, challenges and competitions.



  • 远离游戏,不看电视,勤奋学习,帮忙家务
  • 人生有理想,有奋斗的动力。天天向上,参与竞争,向往奖学金和VCE的挑战
  • 可以承受压力,投身社会工作。可以发掘挑战,主动耕耘。可以纪律自己。
  • 充满人性和自信,待人接物得心应手。高情商,高能力。

上做人物,下做事情,从我做起,现在动手。拥有领军者的品质和渴望。在思想上和能力上成为21世纪的精英,懂得应用“两者兼得”的思维,把 Entrepreneur psychology,Manager psychology和Production Psychology 灵活运用,成为既充实又乐观的成功奋斗者。