Trainee Program

Currently, this position is filled.

We are offering positions of Trainee to suitable overseas students who want to overcome the culture shocks quickly.

The Trainee Program includes:

1)      Helping classes and helping children. The job is very easy.

2)      Providing assistance to teachers. The teachers are very nice.

3)      Learning how to work in a team. You will find your work enjoyable.

The benefits of the program:

1)      You will learn about how to find a job.

2)      You will have the first hand experience in an organisation.

3)      You will get paid by a wage.

4)      You will get a mentor from the school to teach you everything about life in Australia, if you wish.

5)      You will be among the best people and learn from them.

The selection criteria:

1)      You are still in school.

2)      You want to learn and to make life wonderful.

3)      You want to help others and to help yourself.

4)      You are an oversea student who want to learn more about Australian culture

5)      Your parents agree and support you to take up this program.


This is a wonderful program subsidised by our school foundation or by external sponsors.

If you are interested in this program, please ask your parents or guardians to contact us for more details.

We will consider each application case by case.

There are many applications, however, not all application will be successful due to our limited resources.